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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Hear what others are saying to see what you can expect on your journey.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

I was visiting a friend and she was wearing her hearing aids from Dr. Fire – previously, she always had her aids somewhere on the table instead of in her ear! After 7 years of denial and not wanting to spend the money I was finally really ready and determined to hear better. The time the staff spent with me, ease of setting appointments, and the length of the “try out” period with hearing aids made me feel very confident in Fire Audiology. My life has changed since working with Fire Audiology – I can now hear the homily at church, my family on the phone, birds singing, my husband talking in the car.

Joyce S.

Dr. Fire solved my hearing loss problem, from which I suffered for many years. His professionalism, expertise, and sincere concern made it an easy choice for me. I highly recommend Fire Audiological Services.

Herb S.

I chose to work with Fire Audiology & Hearing Center because I was missing most of conversations, TV was very hard to understand and basically I was very hard of hearing. My biggest concern was that I wanted hearing aids that were small, had lots of technology to adjust to what I needed and easy to use! The hearing aids I have are better than expected! They work wonderfully and they are easy to use. My hearing aids have taken my hearing life back 40 years! I can now talk to people without asking them to repeat everything and I can watch TV and understand the audio. The best advice I have for other struggling with hearing is to get off your couch and get in to Fire Audiology and get your hearing back where it was many years ago – you will not regret doing so.

Glenn P.

I chose to work with Fire Audiology because I saw their ad in the newspaper for a hearing test and my friend recommended I work with them. I really appreciated Fire Audiology’s professionalism and learned a lot since I started working with them. They took time to get things right and were always friendly and helpful. I love that I can hear better now.

Jacqueline D.

I liked the ad I saw on TV so I decided to come to Fire Audiology & Hearing Center. I had never worn hearing aids before and was concerned that they wouldn’t really help me. My perception has totally changed! The hearing aids are great and I wear them every day! I appreciate how Fire’s audiologists described the different instruments, told me what to expect and priced the instrument for me. She didn’t try to “sell” me on one style or brand. Before hearing aids I always wondered why everyone mumbled. Now I hear sounds much clearer and don’t have to ask “what?” all the time. Go see the good folks at Fire Audiology & Hearing Center.

Karl L.

I was originally concerned that Lyric Hearing Aids wouldn’t work as well as I hoped. But it and the other hearing aids I tried have exceeded my expectations. The Fire Audiology & Hearing Center staff has always tried to work with our busy schedules and since getting our hearing aids each day has greatly improved for all of us. We enjoy being able to hear again!

Robert M.

Fire Audiology & Hearing Center received high praise from a dear friend. I have severe Meniere’s Disease and after a magical 10 month break from it, it came back full force leaving me with crazy tinnitus, very reduced hearing and audial vertigo. I’ve been living with Meniere’s since 2007 and I truly learned more about the disease in my first one hour appointment with Fire Audiology than I had previously. Dr. Fire & the entire staff’s ability to give me hope and care for this disease has made all the difference. I can’t say enough positive things about Fire Audiology. Go see Dr. Fire and his staff. Again, I’ve dealt with many (M-A-N-Y!) ear-related experts and none has compared to the magical combination of Dr. Fire’s expertise, kindness and compassion. I feel so blessed!

Rhonda S.

Dr. Fire was strongly recommended by colleagues at UND and while I didn’t have any real concerns, I did not know what could be done to help me. Since working with Fire Audiology I’ve experienced a very positive outcome with my hearing improvement. I can hear my students now and my wife is much more patient with me. I’m happier and I’ve noticed my whole attitude has improved. I’ve recommended Dr. Fire to others and will continue to do so – I’m confident they’ll have the same experience I have had.

Lars H.