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Fire Audiology & Hearing Center

Where the Difference is Clear

The Region's Only Independent Audiology Practice.


We all know someone who has been affected by some degree of hearing loss.  Since this can be a natural and gradual process, we often don't even realize everything that we are missing.  Birdsong, a bubbling brook, the laughter of a child or the voice of a loved one - these are just some of the vibrant sounds that we can help bring back into your life.  

Fire Audiology & Hearing Center was founded to help members of our community get more from a local hearing healthcare provider.  Dr. Fire is nationally renowned in the hearing industry.  He and his staff have the latest and best equipment, technology, and expertise.  We use these tools to continue our tradition of providing solutions for better hearing through education, compassion, and customer service.

Hearing can be a wonderful experience.  Call today to schedule a comprehensive consultation and learn how Fire Audiology & Hearing Center can help reconnect you with that experience.  We look forward to seeing you soon.


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